Structure de Quadrilatéres

Animated algorithmic art on

Recently, I was at the “Artistes et Robots” exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, and I stumbled across a lovely artwork by Vera Molnár. Molnár was a pioneer of computer art, and on the wall in the gallery was one of her Structure de Quadrilatéres, created with an algorithm, a plotter and pen. I loved its simplicity and purity, and it seemed like it might be both fun and a good level of challenge to replicate to teach myself how Observable works. I documented my process of figuring out how to replicate, then animate, the artwork in an Observable notebook that you can read and edit yourself.

Subsequently, some friends of mine at Craft Labs here in Gothenburg asked if they could use my Quadrilatéres on the label of a beer they’d brewed. The results looked pretty good: