How to Live Forever

Feature for Techradar on life extension.

I wrote a feature for Techradar on strategies for living forever, both plausible and implausible. Here’s an excerpt:

That’s all big-picture stuff, so let’s dive down to a more personal level. Assuming that you can’t change your genetics or your life up until the point that you’re currently at, what can you personally do to live longer?

Here’s the list: Don’t smoke. Exercise your body and mind on a daily basis. Eat foods rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and unsaturated fat. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Get your blood pressure checked. Chop out sources of stress and anxiety in your life. Travel by train. Stay in school. Think positive. Cultivate a strong social group. Don’t sit for long periods of time. Make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D. Keep your weight at a healthy level. And don’t go to hospital if you can help it - hospitals are dangerous places.

All of those things have been correlated with increased lifespan in scientific studies. And they’re all pretty easy and cheap to do. If you want to maximise your longevity, then that’s your to-do list. But there are also strategies that have a little less scientific merit. The ones that people with too much money pursue when they realise they haven’t been following any of the above for most of their life.