Cable Cars Are Changing the World

An article for How We Get To Next about unconventional mass transit.

As part of How We Get To Next’s “Going Places” theme, I wrote a lengthy feature on the promise that cable cars offer to the world’s cities. Featuring reporting from London, Gothenburg and Medellín, the feature covers the past, present, and possible future of this unconventional form of mass transit. The Gondola Project, the web’s leading cable car website, wrote:

“It is an exhaustive, engaging and otherwise top-notch article on the subject of Cable Propelled Transit (CPT) and how they are rapidly being deployed throughout the world. For anyone new to the subject matter, I’d suggest starting with Geere’s article. It is comprehensive with a view into the history of the technology that few reporters bother to delve into.”

You can read it here.

Image: Darren Garrett // CC BY-SA 3.0